Goat Milk Bath


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We know that milk is good for our bones, but did you know it has many BEAUTY benefits as well? Mixing milk with bathwater has been done for centuries as a quick and easy way to moisturize and soften your skin while you relax in the tub.

Cleopatra was definitely onto something when she indulged in daily beauty treatment milk baths. It turns out the natural lactic acid found in milk is a form of alpha-hydroxy-acid (an ingredient which can be found in some of the most expensive exfoliating products). This type of acid gently dissolves proteins to exfoliate dead skin cells, which reveal fresh, younger looking skin underneath.

Relax in a warm bath of milk and let your sking reap the benefit. When you get out of the bath your skin will feel soft and rehydrated.

The lactic acid found in milk is extremely mild, so don’t worry, it won’t strip or irritate the skin. In fact, milk is quite soothing on dry skin.

Milk is also rich in vitamins and minerals — most notably Vitamin E and zinc — which help slow the process of aging and retain skin’s natural elasticity.

This product is safe for infants to adults.

Goat milk bath is 100% Natural.

Small size is 1 oz and is for 1 bath

Large size is 16oz and lasts multiple baths, you use 1 to 2 tablespoons


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